The Binsky Blade Bait

The Binsky Blade Bait is the brightest star on the blade bait market. It has a realistic shad design and an unmatched hard vibration that cannot be ignored. The key to this type of bait is to imitate an injured or dying baitfish.

The Binsky Blade Bait by Fish Sense Lures
  • Each size is designed to maintain the same enticing action.
  • There are four different line tie positions.
  • Varied actions that will accommodate all fishing situations.
  • Hard vibration can be felt in extreme depths.
  • Eliminate overworking and passing by catchable fish.

The Binsky Blade Bait The best all season lure.

The blade bait is a versatile, productive, and underutilized lure that produces aggressive strikes from trophy freshwater fish, especially in deep, open water. Don’t go freshwater fishing without one in the tackle box.

While the Binsky can be used all year round, it is most effective from fall thru winter and early spring. When water temperatures plummet game fish school up in tighter groups in deeper water. They also seem to travel less making them more reliable and easier to find trip after trip.

The Binsky is most effective in cold water it can be just as productive in the heat of summer. Game fish will do the same as in winter when water temps get increasingly warm in the summer. The fish will migrate to offshore structures and school up, often following schools of baitfish.