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Fish Sense Binsky lures are designed to maintain the same enticing action. The blade bait is a versatile, productive, and underutilized lure. It produces aggressive strikes from trophy freshwater fish, especially in deep, open water. I don’t go freshwater fishing without one in the tackle box.

Binsky Black Blue Stripe$7.49
Binsky Chartreuse Blue Back$7.49$7.89
Binsky Goby Blade Bait$7.49$7.89
Binsky Gold Flash$7.49$7.89
Binsky Perch Blade Bait$7.49$7.89
Binsky Red Craw$7.49$7.89
Binsky Sexy Shad$7.49$7.89
Binsky Silver Flash$7.49$7.89

Fish Sense Binsky Blade baits are like a metal lipless crankbait. The narrow-body wobbles tightly and generates vibration, which draws reaction strikes. The appeal of blade baits comes from the versatility in how they can be fished. They sink quickly and can be vertically jigged or cast and retrieved, covering a wide range of depths.

Fish Sense Binsky Blade baits are like a metal lipless crankbait: the narrow-body wobbles tightly and generates vibration
  • There are four different line tie positions for varied actions.
  • They will accommodate all fishing situations and species specific tastes.
  • The hard vibration can be felt in extreme depths.
  • Will eliminate overworking and passing by catchable fish.

The fin of Fish Sense Binsky blade baits has multiple line attachment points that anglers choose based on their intended unique presentation. Using the rear-most line tie provides the most vibration and is ideal for vertical jigging, while the forward-most line tie creates less vibration for finesse and casting and retrieving.

For vertically-jigging blade baits, which is the most popular application, let the lure sink to the bottom, and then begin to impart action, not with big sweeps of the rod but with subtle flicks. Lift the rod just enough to feel the blade kick once or twice and allow it to sink again.
This appears to the fish as a dying baitfish, scuttling crawdad or a goby and is more likely to attract the interest of largemouth, smallmouth, walleye, lake trout, or any of the many varieties of freshwater game fish.

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