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The Binsky is the newest and brightest star on the blade bait market. It has a realistic shad design and an unmatched hard vibration that cannot be ignored.


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The Binsky Silver Flash is brought to you by Fish Sense Inc. The Binsky was created on the theory of strikes by recognition. No bass or any fish can resist The Binsky. Lure is presented with its realistic shad design, mirror finish and unmatched vibration. It’s a feeding opportunity they can’t pass up.

Each size is designed to maintain the same enticing action. There are four different line tie positions for varied actions. Each will accommodate all fishing situations and species specific tastes. The hard vibration of The Binsky Silver can be felt in extreme depths. This will eliminate overworking and passing by catchable fish.

It’s Fish Sense and it Makes Perfect Sense!

The vibration of The Binsky Silver Color is a trigger for a fish’s natural instinct to prey upon vulnerability. Vulnerability is huge, it shows a fish that its efforts and expending energy are most likely going to result in success. This is especially key for species that become lethargic in cold water temperatures. It’s all about presenting that ultimate feeding opportunity and The Binsky does that very well.

The vibration of the The Binsky Silver Color is a trigger
Tips for Fishing the “Binsky”
  • Allow the vibrating bait to fall on a semi taught line.
  • If you want the Binsky to fall slower use a heavier line.
  • Most strikes will be subtle, where the lure will stop falling or the vibration of the Binsky will just disappear. SET THE HOOK WITH ANY CHANGE IN FEEL
  • Follow the metal lure down with the rod tip.
  • Letting it fall with too much slack will allow the hooks to get caught in the line.
Vertical Presentations:
  • Yo-Yo Technique – slowly lift and drop the bait on against a steady line tension (work between a 10 at 12 o’clock position with the rod – feeling one or two vibrations of the lure)
  • Snap Technique – drop bait down to desired depth on a taught line, sharply snap the Binsky so it moves 6 – 18 inches vibrating vigorously. Then let the vibrating metal lure sink back down while keeping a semi taught line while simultaneously dropping the rod tip.
  • Dead Sticking – works best when fishing below pods of bait with actively feeding fish. Drop the Binsky to the bottom and allow it to sit there motionless for 15-30 seconds. Twitch (move the bait a few inches only) the rod tip a few times causing the metal lure to shake. Repeat a few times, reel in and repeat.
Casting Presentations:
  • Yo-Yo Technique – cast and count down to desired depth, slowly work the bait back with a yo-yo motion as above.
  • Slow-Rolling – cast and count down, jerk to initiate vibration, retrieve as slowly as possible while maintaining vibration, slowing raise and lower rod during retrieve (the slow roll).
  • Cast and Retrieve – varying speeds including very fast can work
  • Dead Sticking – cast, let it hit bottom, twitch a few times, retrieve
Hole Positions:
  • Front – tight wobble
  • Rear – wide swimming action
  • Middle – best for jigging

We have been using the Binsky while fishing throughout the spring, summer and fall in lakes around the country.

Binsky Sizes:
  • 1/4 ounce measures 2″
  • 1/2 ounce measure 2 1/2 “
  • 3/4 ounce measure 2 1/2 “

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