How To Use The Binsky

The key to this type of bait is to imitate an injured or dying baitfish.

The Binsky in a cluster packagedHow To Use The Binsky

The Binsky is the newest and brightest star on the blade bait market. It has a realistic shad design and an unmatched hard vibration that cannot be ignored.

The key to this type of bait is to imitate an injured or dying baitfish.

Most anglers use these baits in deep water with a vertical presentation, but fishing them is shallow water or near the surface can also work well.

The best all season lure.

While the Binsky can be used all year round, it is most effective from fall thru winter and early spring. When water temperatures plummet gamefish school up in tighter groups in deeper water. They also seem to travel less making them more reliable and easier to find trip after trip.

The Binsky is most effective in cold water it can be just as productive in the heat of summer. Game fish will do the same as in winter when water temps get increasingly warm in the summer. The fish will migrate to offshore structures and school up, often following schools of baitfish.

Blade Bait Tips

When fishing the Binsky:

  • Allow the vibrating bait to fall on a semi taught line.
  • If you want the Binsky to fall slower use a heavier line.
  • Always watch your line.
  • Most strikes will be subtle, where the lure will  stop falling or the vibration of the Binsky will just  disappear.
  • Be Ready, some times the fish will practically jerk the rod out of your hand.
  • Follow the metal lure down with the rod tip.
  • Letting it fall with too much slack will allow the hooks to get caught in the line.
  • To much slack in the line will make it harder to detect a strike.

Where to fish the Binsky vibrating metal lure:

  • Deep of shore structure
  • Ledges, bluffs, channel breaks, humps and points.
  • Bridge abutments
  • submerged timber, stumps, brush piles, grass, rocks, gravel etc.
  • schooling fish
    • suspending over deeper water
    • suspending out in open water
    • chasing bait on the surface or anywhere in between
  • Boat docks
  • anywhere where there are schools of bait

Remember to mix it up a little. You can double pump the Binsky by using a smaller range of motion with shorter hops. Sometimes you may have to slow down your retrieve and take more time between hops. there are times when you might even need to allow the metal vibrating lure to lay on the bottom and just twitch it slightly. You can also fish it using a steady retrieve. The Binsky has a unique vibration capable of provoking any near by predators to strike.

“There are times that fish will react to a certain color more than others. With blade baits there is this perception that it’s only about size and the vibration from your cadence but color can absolutely make a difference so make sure you switch it up!”says Steven Carey President of Fish Sense Lures.

During real cold periods remember the fish will have a very small strike zone.